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Just about everything Hayao Miyazaki and his group at Studio Ghibli create is legendary. One of my favorites is "My Neighbor Totoro". Well for some reason there seems to be a craze going on painting nails with the totoro characters.

Simba nail art ftw.

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http://cnatrainingclass.co/cna-nurse-duties/ CNA Nurse Duties  If I was talented, this is what my nails would look like. You know, if I didnt hate all the work that goes into painting my nails. nerd-quirks-yeah-i-have-em

~ Disney CutePolish Starwars Storm Trooper Nail Art ~ So cute. Goes great with Star Tours!


Kawaii nail art is a very famous and cute looking in Japanese series. Here are the top 9 Kawaii nail art designs that you can try out.