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How to Train your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon - Toothless it looks like toothless is crying. oh now i'm crying!<-- have found my soul sibling because I was going to type same thing!

Accurate HTTYD2 movie reaction. - okay, I was starting to feel all emotional about HTTYD2 again, and then this made me laugh! CLICK THE GIF! The Vikings of Berk are the best Vikings ever!

HAHAHAHAH Snotlout as Dreamworks very approving of the fandoms XD Like who wouldnt. Animated movies' fandoms are the best, and the best is HTTYD


Never noticed this. <---- She grew up! She looks about 6 in the first pic, so that would make her 11 in the second pic.

I love how hiccuping just magically overtakes the others height-wise between the first film and RttE

No offense to anyone but I have to choose RTTE as my favorite, except for 2 characters, Hiccup and Astrid. They look better in the movie!

How to train your dragon 2 gifs | How to Train Your Dragon 2 Hiccup

HTTYD 2 Wow, it looks like he and Astrid are having a nice conversation while all this destruction is going on. Plus Hiccup looks really dorky with his helmet on like that.

Toothless vs Smaug                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Toothless vs Smaug

Behold, a Smaug and Toothless sass-off! Based on Colbert's interview with Smaug 〖 DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon Toothless The Hobbit Smaug Stephen Colbert interview parody funny 〗

He always knew what was coming.  *many tears, still hidden away, but they are there, and this movie always threatens to make them spill over.

Hiccup: I agree with dragon girl. Me: DRAGON GIRL! Shouldn't you be be dragon boy?

Pinning 'cuz beautiful and I love that song. Another reason why I want the HTTYD 2 soundtrack so bad....

Hiccup is my favorite character. ♡ I wished there would be an episode where Hiccup gets amnesia and the other Riders have to reteach him about Dragons. Of course, it ends in disaster as Hiccup is the best in the Dragon business.