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No es que la necesite, pero esta rechida y la quiero!!! Bocina-Mochila con proyector :D Boompack by Massimo Battaglia

Ghetto Blaster Backpacks - The Boompack is a Wearable Multimedia Entertainment Unit for the Streets.

Technology tends to be large and bulky at first (think of the first computer taking up a huge room), but over time with talented engineers, things become smaller and allows for more uses. Things like a backpack that can power your electronic devices by means of a renewable energy source is just one of the new products being made from a sustainable standpoint. 4/25.

Alppac Backpack - Just because you're going camping doesn't mean you have to be without your laptop, cellphone or iPod. Joel Lim's Alppac Backpack is .

Kendama USA - KROM Deluxe - Crayzebra

KROM Deluxe - Crayzebra

The KROM Deluxe Cross is a beautiful Kendama made from Maple and Walnut. This item showcases a full walnut ken as well as a walnut tama inlaid with a stunning m

This is a Phoneblok by Dave Hakkens, a prototype for a new kind of totally customizable phone design that is both wallet- and eco-friendly. BUT. in order to make this prototype into a consumer-available product, it needs to be noticed by big companies. Spread the word to make Phonebloks a reality!

Modular smartphone, many other products can be designed this way to reduce wastage of materials. Check it out :) Support phonebloks! a phone worth keeping by davehakkens

A brand-new tube amplifier from Japan. 엔틱하면서도 세련된 디자인

Hybrid Tube Amplifier, designed by Koichi Futatsumata of Case-Real for Elikit.

ipod iphone charging station with speakers from vintage radio test equipment - would be a fun to have this in my ham shack to charge my iPhone while I'm down there.


Ahua Surfboards

AHUA is a Portuguese startup, they make beautifully crafted Alaia Surfboards. Alaia is a thin, round-nosed, square-tailed surfboard ridden in century Hawaii. The most distinguishing characteristic in relation to modern surfboards is the fact

When someone is at the door, the Doorbot sends video and audio of the person to your phone.  You can then open the door with the press of a button.

DoorBot Lets You Answer Your Door With a Smartphone or Tablet

Doorbot sends video and audio of a person at your door to your phone. You can then open the door from your phone with the simple press of a button.