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British photographer Jonathan Griffiths' close encounters of the furry kind - Telegraph

Badger. I think they are cute.

The Arizona Badger is one of several species of badgers and is a cousin of the wolverine. This article overviews badger characteristics, habit, prey, predators, mating and badger hunting techniques.

Photograph Night Walker by Richard Steel on 500px

The European badger is a powerfully built black, white and grey animal with a small head, a stocky body and short tail. Weighs up to lb in spring but builds up to lb in autumn before the winter hibernation. It's a nocturnal, social, burrowing animal.

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Animal Medicine: Badger Badger is vicious and powerfully aggressive! Badger is quick to anger and quick to pounce. Badger’s Medicine for you is the willingness to fight for what you want. Badger is.

European badger Tasso

The European badger has most of the general characteristics common to badgers; with stocky and low-slung bodies with short, powerful legs, they are identifiable by their huge foreclaws (measuring up to 5 cm in length) and distinctive head markings.