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Smaller prey: An American Badger is caught on camera by wildlife enthusiast Jonathan Griffiths

animais quase extitos e o animal mais destemido do mundo: ratel

A Vida Secreta do Ratel [HD] Documentário Dublado Natinoal Geographic

Badger Underground. Badgers are related to weasels and otters. Their faces are white with black markings. Find more fun facts about Badgers here: http://easyscienceforkids.com/all-about-badgers/

Badgers are creatures that have short legs and are part of the Weasel-family. They appear in video games every so often and are part of an old-school internet meme.

ANIMAUX TOTEM : Un blaireau peut être assez vicieux et, quand il attaque, c'est de manière très puissante. Il se met facilement en colère et est capable de répondre à tous les dangers très rapidement. Telle est sa médecine: sa volonté de lutter pour son espace et sa famille....

The Arizona Badger is one of several species of badgers and is a cousin of the wolverine. This article overviews badger characteristics, habit, prey, predators, mating and badger hunting techniques.

Este carismático animal não se alimenta de carcaças como as hienas, e sim de cupins

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The aardwolf (Proteles cristata) is a small, insectivorous mammal, native to East and Southern Africa. Its name means "earth wolf" in Afrikaans and Dutch.

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American Baby Badger | American badger photo - Taxidea taxus - G135681 | ARKive

American badger juvenile - View amazing American badger photos - Taxidea taxus - on Arkive

Badger!  Doesn't he look like he wants a cuddle?

Badger in the daisies.