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Nice #Illustration regarding #Radiation - Via @Greenpeace Thailand

Another nice poster idea here, especially the us of simplistic idea and colours.

Save the trees

trees help to slow climate change, also improve air quality in urban areas - don't cut down trees for new homes, more agricultural land to feed for meat, or for palm oil plantations . the daily choices/what you buy affects what happens regarding trees


nevver: Save the Artic (wrolin)

Save the Arctic by Mauro Gatti for Greenpeace. One of 30 works by Italian artists inspired by what happened to the Arctic 30 activists and the fate of the Arctic.

High Five to STOP Pollution ❤

Climate change, the causes, impacts and solutions

ego vs eco. Another great example poster.  This means so much. If people would just realize what we have gotten ourselves into instead of looking at the power and money they feel the desire for. Replace that desire with the desire for change, sustainability, life, and beauty. Just think of everyone instead of yourself. It will go a long way.

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