"...porque o meu papo é futurista, é lunático...". Dani Cabo pinterest • firstname_ill

Beth Hoeckel collages - Magritte art history study - creating surrealist postcards of places traveled .head in the clouds.

Netherland’s solo show that opens tomorrow night at Gallery 1988, San Francisco. {It runs from August 13th ~ 28th}

Netherland’s solo show that opens tomorrow night at Gallery San Francisco. {It runs from August ~ weird but i love it

Possibly make the Mad Hatters Tea Party and place it on the top of the hat

Surreal Vintage Collages by Eugenia Loli Collage artist Eugenia Loli uses photography scanned from vintage magazines and science publications to create biz

Collage by Ben Giles #art #collage

BEN GILES An awesome submission of collage work by London based artist Ben Giles. In addition to selling many of his original pieces at very reasonable prices on Etsy, Ben has a pretty great looking.

When you are suffering, your wanting to solve it mechanism automatically kicks in. When you suffer emotionally it is felt viscerally. It sits in the body and the body isn’t a happy place to b…

Maps, Cards

It could be about the terror and joy of childhood imagination, but it's probably a warning about how kids shouldn't befriend T-Rexes.

Any post that starts with a T-Rex and finishes with a ‘cake’ is a-okay in my book! These fantastic collages are the work of LA based artist Ashlie Chavez.


Caro-Ma (French, b. French Alps) - Le Ski de Fond (Cross-Country Skiing), 2012 Digital Collages on Paper

framing a thought. original collage by bricolagelife 2014

brains and/or heart – framing a thought, collage by bricolagelife 2014