tree lungs

I want on the middle of my back with each bird my kids favorite color. My three little birds are the are that I breath.😊 and I'd want the lungs to look more like trees branches with some flowers

Totem by Mari triaℓ. Minimalistic drawing of a deer yet still very clear

Totem by Mari triaℓ. Minimalistic drawing of a deer yet still very clear. Looks great for a tattoo

that’s a tattoo idea!

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite ~ Anne Plays the Pipes ~ The Enchanted Forest ~ 1921 Annie French ~ Friendship Blossoms B.

( in trio of Zentangle art for bedroom wall). This has my love for the little mermaid and fine point sharpie drawings all wrapped into one.

deathinthesubway:    Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Red Riding Hood and Snow White.What lovely tattoo ideas, as opposed to the typical disney images.

Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Red Riding Hood, and Snow White. Is want Sleeping Beauty or Red Riding Hood if I ever got this even through Snow White is my favorite princess.


Flowing Inspiration Art Print By Enkel Dika – Flowing Inspiration By Enkel Dika….odd, Very Odd But I Can See A Really Unique Tattoo Here :)

Image via We Heart It #art #awesome #beautiful #beauty #drawing #girl #mirror #skull

Mirror Mirror on the wall, show me the future of us all. -art by yuumei

Designs for Zentangles | SeaHorse Zentangle Design | I Love

Zentangle - the art of doodling, anyone can so it! Check out this cool Seahorse zentangle This would make an awesome tattoo

Maybe just a small section, like a tearaway on the forearm or bicep...

3D Tattoo Art

Arm muscle tattoo by street anatomy. Would this count as cheating on anatomy test?