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Alucina con estos dibujos hiperrealistas de 'Pokémon'

grimchild: “Posting all of my realistic Pokemon pieces for the Anniversary of Pokemon.

Pokemon - Druddigon by =arvalis (RJ Palmer)

This is a series of realistically painted Pokemons by DeviantARTist arvalis (aka RJ Palmer -- check out his page for ultra high-res shots). It says in his little bio he likes dinosaurs, so we're pretty similar.

dibujos hiperrealistas de 'Pokémon'

Alucina con estos dibujos hiperrealistas de 'Pokémon'

Time for your weekly dose of the fantastic fandom-based art that’s hit the web this week with your Nerd Art Dump. Each and every week we pick and choose through the masses of prints and pics on the…

#Pokemon réaliste | Ptera

Des pokémons ultra-réalistes par RJ Palmer

Pokémon realistas criados pelo artista RJ Palmer

Artista cria versões realistas de Pokémon

Freelance illustrator and concept artist RJ Palmer draws Pokemon realistically.

Support me on Patreon! Commissioned by Mgiceman31 and ZarxielZerg  Decided it would be awesome to try and do a holiday themed Pokemon illustration.  So we got Abomasnow as the snow man, D...

Realistic and epic version of the Pokemon, designed by the American illustrator RJ Palmer, aka . Images © Arvalis / via