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handsome boy with a happy smile


There is no truer Joy than the pure smile of a child!

Let there be light... by Rakesh JV, via Flickr [“Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”   ― Shel Silverstein]

lighting, viewpoint and angle

Selective depth of field.  face is in focus, hands are slightly out of focus and moving--maybe a longer exposure.  Makes the subject look like he he is moving.  Hands in the foreground add a sense of depth to the image.  Lighting is butterfly, which is funny, because his head is turned at an angle.  Probably originally lit for loop, but he move his head into butterfly.

Smiling Kenyan boy, by David Lazar.

Voldria abraçar-lo

There is something so real, so genuine, so amazingly beautiful. "darfur by ömer göçmenler, via


Smile (by Dennis Thern)


Lil Baby Boy in Sprinkler

Um dos mais puros e sinceros sorrisos ❤

The joy of water brittanycorner: My heart! (From the National Geographic Traveler 2012 Photo Contest)

Pure. Unadulterated. Joy.

A Jurubeba Cultural: Deixando a vida me levar .

face of joy :)

one thing i miss most about Africa. the children who always stole my heart with their smiles~ you inspire me. I really wish I could bring you all home and be my babies!

Such a sweet face <3  I just want to smooch these little cheeks!  What a doll!

This little girl is a secret weapon.she melts hearts with those baby browns and a smile

Ghana. Afrique. // la joie de vivre de cet enfant se fait ressentir grâce à son sourire

"Smiling Girl from Ghana" by CompassionInternational, West Africa

Ravi by Kenny Bassett, via 500px

/ Photo "Ravi" by Kenny Bassett


Some people smile with their whole soul. And that makes my soul smile. Sharing a smile – even through a photograph – can connect one soul to another.

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Many Girl Hairstyles Absolutely beautiful! Little Girl

Repin and help me meet my fundraising goal! #Charity:Water

It only took "water" a thing we see everyday. A thing We take for granted. A thing we need. It simply took water to make me happy. It only took water for me to smile

Aww...that precious little face! <3

A child enters your life and fills a place in your heart, a place you never knew was empty