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L you are gonna kill me of you keep on giving those sexy poses 😤

Death note Comic L and Watari, I really think Watari should just already become L's dad cause he's always taking care of of him and it's really cute

Death note Comic L and Watari. Smol Lawliet and also Watari is like his dad its so cuute

bbxkira: “wow amazing. ” THAT’S MY GIRL

Unapologetic trash for LxNaomi ♡_♡ // Avatar by // Check out my fanfiction novel!

Mello x Matt

Mello x Matt

Death Note, Alphabet, Alpha Bet

I've passed this picture so many times but now that I'm looking at it I realized that L stepped in a pile of puzzle pieces and L's just like 'Near why' and Near's like 'bitch keep walkin'

• L || Death Note

• L || Death Note

Juntos igualamos a L ... juntos superamos a L ... ¡ y juntos derrotaremos al kira que derrotó a L !

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