Kai & D.O

Kaisoo From the Photobook 'Die jungs' It's real o.o >.


They look like the powerful couple that just came into the party

Chanyeol and Kyungsoo

Kai furiously wiping away all his jealousness KAISOO


vitunkpoppi: “ stolen moments from kaisoo 11 / ~ ”

Kaisoo <3


I tried to copy his face in the last one and just cracked the fuck up

fy! kaisoo

TOO MUCH FEELS! that precious smile that is all over kyungie is just too much to handle kaiii

does it seem like kai has that look like "oh there's taemin" and d.o is all like "don't even think about kai"....or is that just me >.>

- Nope, not just you.

كيونغسو يواسي كاي عندما بكى


‘i want to take care of Jongin the most’ - Do Kyungsoo at EXOCUP Japan fanmeeting

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KaiSoo, el antónimo del fanservice. - 🌈Lenguaje corporal en parejas (con ejemplos) parte 1

pssh kaisoo, PLEASE INTERACT MORE cant even feel this couple. kyungsoo: behold, kaisoo shippers you still ask why kaisoo’s.


Now, I don't really ship KaiSoo, but I thought this was cute.