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The hand of harmony by Sean Henry

Las más curiosas esculturas en el mar

Hand of Harmony Homigot Beach - South Korea. The Hand of Harmony is just one of many sculptures on Homigot Beach in South Korea but is also the most widely recognized. The hand is made from bronze and granite, was built in

Hand of Harmony (Bastian Schimpf) is located at Homigot, Republic Korea. This is the easternmost point of South Korea, nearby Pohang City.

'Hand of Harmony' at Pohang, South Korea - photo by Bastian Schimpf, via a massive bronze sculpture of a hand stretching up from the water in a small cove.Those are birds on the fingers, not claws.

Alexandra Kehayoglou teje a mano alfombras con paisajes de realidades sublimes

Amazing landscape carpets transform your living room into a lush, grassy meadow Alexandra Kehayoglou Pasturelands Carpet – Inhabitat - Green Design,…


Eva Oertli and Beat Huber, “La main généreuse” or "The Caring hand", sculpture in Glaris, Switzerland

Arte Callejero!

Nele Azevedo, Melting Man, Berlin - This amazing installation of melting men was done in collaboration with the WWF to highlight global warming.

@solitalo Hoy amados hijos venimos desde el Amor Incondicional proveniente de las esferas más altas de conciencia, a comunicarles que nosotros los Amados Maestros Ascendidos, en servicio de ascensi…

Canalización: Mensaje de los Maestros Ascendidos para Rescatar a GAIA (Oración)

♂ Environmental art land art Nature art Sculpture "Willow Lady" by Trevor Leat In the garden of the National Museum of Costume, near Dumfries.

Easy DIY VI - Andarse por las ramas

Driftwood and Scrap Wood Sculptures Several artists are showcased in this article with different subjects: elephants, horses and people (image is of an elephant crafted by Andries Botha for his global Human Elephant Foundation, Nomkhubulwane)