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Los creativos fractales de Roger Johnston  Estas imágenes han sido creadas por el artista Roger Johnston con el programa gratuito Apophysis.   Un fractal es un objeto geométrico cuya estructura básica, fragmentada o irregular, se repite a diferentes escalas.   El término fue propuesto por el matemático Benoît Mandelbrot en 1975 y proviene de la palabra latina fractus, que significa quebrado o fracturado.   Muchas estructuras naturales son de tipo fractal.

Today we are featuring Fractal art, which is one of the emerging and trendy forms of digital art. Fractals are usually uneven shapes that are not defined by



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35 Phenomenal Fractal Art Pictures

Fractal Art Image Masterpieces – 20 Most Beautiful and Mesmerizing Ones for Inspiration

Green Flowers   Fractal Art by Vicky Brago-Mitchell    Fractal illusion of green and purple blossoms and clusters of flowers.

Green Flowers Wallpaper - Fractal Wallpaper Art Gallery, Fractals by Vicky

Tiles 2 by ~NightSparkle on deviantART

Yay for apophysis!

Colorful Cool Fractals

Image detail for -The Fractal Bargain Bin - Wallpapers / Eye candy / Pretty stuff


Mainly made with Tierazon and ChaosPro, with varying amounts of post-processing.

The Mandelbrot Set Poster

The Mandelbrot Set Poster

The Mandelbrot Set Poster created by Order as shown, or change the print size or paper type & add custom framing.