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Unknown Place by Tistelmark

Watercolor and Gouach cm / in My most abstract painting so far.

After The Rain by krople

Painting landscapes for me is not easy, probably because I paint mostly flowers. I admire ladscapes in watercolor and I would like to practice more to get better results. This one is based on Richa.

I'm so glad people feel my pain enough to make this meme

Anxiety Cat is an image macro similar to a more anxiety-ridden version of Socially Awkward Penguin except it has a kitty in it so it wins by default. Sorry, Socially Awkward Penguin, but those are the rules which I just invented.

Eye (Oil Paint, Dry Brush and Pencil) by f-a-d-i-l on DeviantArt

so i decided to draw one this was using oil painting dry brush technique and coloursoft pencils for deta.

pink roses by ~ledaryuga on deviantART

pink roses by ledaryuga