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Decorative Stones Hummingbird with Flower Garden Accent

Arrange the pieces of this Decorative Stones Hummingbird with Flower Garden Accent on a lawn .

Create your own garden shapes with forms for under $1 for each shape - alone, in combinations, fill with hypertoofa - your creation is limited only by your imagintion!

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Hummingbirds can't bathe in normal birdbaths, but will often seek out moving fountains and sprays. This Hummingbird Dripper Fountain from Duncraft can be added to your traditional birdbath to attract them.

This hummingbird dripper would make a great addition to your backyard birdbath or water garden.


chicken wire garden cloche - so pretty! would love to have one of these little guys around my basil.

Awesome!!! Drought-tolerant garden saving the $ and keeping healthy :)  No grass to chemical and mow!

VERY nicely done, love it ! Front yard that has been converted from a water-thirsty lawn into a beautiful drought-tolerant garden which invites hummingbirds and butterflies.

Flowers spilling out of barrel. This but the bucket at an upward angle more and simpler with the flowers

cool idea, I need to learn more about flowers/plants The flowers don't want to grow in the part of the bucket that is shaded. this person must have just planted these flowers because there is no way the pansies inside the bucket would bloom.

1. What’s your advice for choosing a colour scheme for your garden?“Look to the house for clues, I often try and complement what is happening inside the house as you often view the garden looking through windows internally. Fabrics used on windows and furniture can often be reflected in the planting scheme of the garden. Fashions also dictate the colour scheme of the garden, its an exciting period now as hot reds, oranges and yellows are very much in favour in the garden, many her...

Paul Bangay on the best plants for year-long flowers and how to have a garden in a small space - Vogue Living - Hydrangea macrophylla

metal flower yard art - Google Search

Kella we need to start welding things! :)Rusted hammered metal flower wall hanger with Plymouth hubcap yard art by MyRustedRoots