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Guzma, Gladion, and team skull from Pokemon Sun and Moon  By n-maas on tumblr. do not remove this source!

of all pokemon villains team skull is my fav bc they show them as regular ppl sometimes who have problems like the rest of us

おぬこ@ついった how evil organization gettingass-kicked by a mere 10-year old kid

May scolding team aqua and team magma. Dawn hiding behind a team galactic grunt<== I thought this was cute.Who could blame me?


This is exactly what happened to me. I was scared to battle it because I didn't have any poke balls but then it said that it just joined my team and I screamed. And while This happened my dads friends were over so it just became weird

Wooper and Ampharos

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aspidelaps: “ time u met jesus and he was just like haha check out this sweet yo-yo ”