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Unit 29.1 Purposes of Music Video


<3 Adele and have for the past 5 years b4 the rest of the world finally figured out her amazing talent!

Adele Powers Through Live Grammy Performance of 'Rolling in the Deep'

I admire Adele. Amazing talented singer who touches hearts when singing.


Not a huge fan, but I can appreciate Adele bringing a real talent back to music. She's nothing but vocals, and I love that.


Adele: British singer/songwriter whose music and lyrics are basically the soundtrack to your soul.

I've always been an Adele fan.Her new song,Hello, is absolutely amazing! She has such a strong voice, powerful voice. Can't wait for the new album!

Adele, despite people criticizing her on her weight she never seems to let them bring her down. And her voice a beautiful and powerful whirlwind.