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pinterest // niamhmclaughlinn

Until recently we were told that intelligence, for the most part, depended on how smart you were at school, but that notion doesn't always correspond with the reality.

Test: How emotionally intelligent are you?

“She was beautiful, in the quiet way that lonely, unnoticed people are beautiful to those who notice them" -Jedediah Berry - retrato - retratos femininos - ensaio feminino - ensaio externo - fotografia - ensaio fotográfico - book - senior

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I am still Henley. But you're not the Hayden I used to know. In fact, you're not Hayden at all, Nicholas.  [Sneak-peak of my Wattpad story 'Henley'. Ongoing so not uploaded yet]

❝So you think you can moonwalk out of our lives and then just waltz back in❞. I try to sound calm even though I am boiling at one hundred degrees inside.

The power of road trips! Road trips photography.

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