Fox: "I do believe that Spring won't be too long in coming now..." ( )

Stunning Winter Fox Photos That’ll Make You Fall In Love With Foxes

I was just learning to love... Beep. Bop. Boop.

Bathing In The Snow Flake - Of The Best Entries From The 2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer Of The Year

Without Pain, How Could We Know Joy?

HOW BEAUTIFUL ! It snowed today and our magnificent animal friends came out to explore our back yard~~~ we saw a awesome red fox, the lovely deer family that have their den in the back of our property and we think a bob cat in the distance by the po

Keeping Undercover.

Looks so much like my pet fox Vickey when I was young.


Not an arctic fox, but a marble-phase red fox (Vulpes vulpes), a color morph only found in captive bred foxes.

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For the Nature Lover: West Virginia State Wildlife Center

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Бедный лисёнок! Ослушался маму и упал в реку! Мама отчаянно орёт для уверенности и пытается спасти малыша!.. какая история!.. даде дух захватывает!)))

The older fox looks just like the younger fox, the older fox sees it's younger playful self and the younger fox sees it's older strong warrior self.

You will find red fox sleeping in your backyard in Canada

You will find red fox sleeping in your backyard in Canada

Funny pictures about Sleepy Fox. Oh, and cool pics about Sleepy Fox. Also, Sleepy Fox.