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"Come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet, the show must go on." Old Hollywood movies are glorious! I am likely to post a picture of Robert Redford every day.

The Sting

Robert Redford Brad Pitt reminds me of a modern day Redford. Nothing like the original !

100 Greatest Guitarists

Mark Knopfler's first big guitar-hero moment – the fleet, gloriously melodic solo on Dire

“I had a huge fear that someone was going to call me a diva and was so terrified that I would do anything to appease anyone in order to avoid it. At some point, the sting has to come out of words like diva. It was ammunition against me because I was...

The signs of light and shadow by

the light and shadow dragons aka the twin dragons of sabertooth sting and rogue

The World Economic Forum is said to be a congress of polyphony and contradictions. This year's edition bore witness to this perennial value of the organiser. The European Sting is pointing one majo.

Robert Redford: I nearly did a third film with Paul Newman

Robert Redford wanted to team up again with the late Paul Newman for A Walk in the Woods, which is showing at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

20+ Breathtaking Photos Taken Between Two Worlds

The Police! Sting is so cute!!

therappatuta: “ still-rock-and-roll-to-me: “ The Police. ” Okay okay last post I swear but really, Sting has super saiyan hair ”