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Naturaleza inerte invernal de Teresa Cebriano Ramírez

Naturaleza inerte invernal de Teresa Cebriano Ramírez

vernes de. rumba. sisisi

Amazing photo of a male lion that looks like he is saying "Are you kidding me?" Jeeeezzz ~ how i look when someone says something stupid

Let me think...

funnywildlife: “ The Gorilla, The Thinker to see these guys wild in their element at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest with Premier Safaris ”

Lioness and her cubs staying close together taking a drink. Nile crocodiles will take cubs but not momma. It's survival instincts and  safety.

Lioness and cubs. Now try to get to one of Lions or the cubs! She is fully awake and watching you! Lionesses Arise

Wake up dad! Lions

Lion dads are responsible for the protection and training of their cubs. Fatherhood often includes capturing prey that are too large for their offspring and protecting them from other lions. Come on Dad, you said you were gonna smouch them!