Navy Seabees - Never Forget Who Builds/Rebuilds What War Has Destroyed...


Seabee recruiting poster My wife Grandfather was part of the original construction battalion, which became the SeaBees

Vintage Seabee Recruiting Poster

DP Vintage Posters - Build and Fight for Victory Join the Seabees Original American WWII Navy Recruiting Poster


Today's pinup is a continuation of the Propaganda Style Pinup Posters featuring Kelsey in this tribute to the Airborne Paratroopers of World War I've. Propaganda Pinups - Become a Paratrooper!

The color balance, mix of typefaces and dynamic layout are pretty perfect.

Buy a print of Build for your Navy! Carpenters machinists electricians etc. / by Unknown vintage (framed or without frames). All prints of Build for your Navy! Carpenters machinists electricians etc. / are available in custom sizes. "Thinking of the Girl Back Home" -Framed Print, White Thinking of the Girl Back Home -Framed Print

Norman Rockwell - Thinking of the Girl Back Home - Saturday Evening Post Cover, January

WW 2 - US Army Paratrooper recruitment

Airborne recruiting poster, the men of E company answered the call.

World War I Poster                                                                                                                                                     More

World War I, Uncle Sam★Pay our Vets, we OWE them ourlives !

U.S. Navy Recruiting Poster 1941.   Enter The Saturday Evening Post "Tribute to Our Troops" contest:

Flower Skull poster

Poster - Join the Navy: A classic WWII recruitment poster. Art originally done by McClelland Barclay.

This is political because the government is basically begging women for help. WWII. WAVES recruiting poster

1940s Ladies Workwear Clothes- Rosie's to Nurses

Navy Pride. I used to have this recruiting poster.

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