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The Chairs Game – Las Sillas moonpicnic.com

Las Sillas – The Chairs Game

It’s the end of the day at the cafe and time to stack up the stools… how tall and how wild can you go? With this beautiful balancing and stacking game you can test your sense of balance and imagination. Open ended play, together or alone. No rules!  By Pico Pao, Spain  Each stool: 40 x 60 mm  Wooden case

Los Taburetes – The Stools Game

Inspired by the way tree branches grow toward a light source, Spanish designer Pico Pau’s simple, stackable game called 'Los Taburetes” challenges players to build and balance. Each game set comes with 12 miniature beech wood stools that users can.

Instead of collecting... have the kiddos take pictures.

A walk through the woods can take on a fun new twist when you turn it a scavenger hunt. Girls want to do a nature walk so now we can

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The Backyard Ogre Catapult Project

MOTA Catapult Educational Desktop Battle Kit Easy to Build Wooden Toy

” Prototyes ” - Gérard Cambon - Galerie Grand’Rue

lustik: ” Prototyes ” - Gérard Cambon - Galerie Grand’Rue via animula vagula roue manège