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Rusty metal star, or just a metal star.I'll rust it.

Antique sewing machine - love the little cloth cuff on the neck to hold pins.

I have a Singer sewing machine that was my Great Grandma's. My Mom made us a lot of pretty dresses, nightgowns, & short sets on this machine & I learned to sew on it.

Roadside mini chapel for a traffic victim. Please view full set for description.

˚Old Thread Spools

Sewing - Spools by Mike Savad Old Sewing Spools.mine came from and old taylor who closed his shop many moons ago.he found them in New Jersey at the textile factory.

Art Tutorial - How to Distress Keys

Can't find vintage keys for projects? Bury new ones in the garden with salt, dig them up a year later and voila - vintagesque! What a great idea. Now where do you find keys that look like this?

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Charmingly pretty vintage striped cherry flour sifter and wall decorative storage holder. #vintage #kitchen #cherries

Dianne Zweig - Kitsch 'n Stuff: Vintage Red and White Tin Kitchen Collectibles: Post War Favorites