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Must go see this, when I visit Beirut soon!!  Painted Stairs in Beirut, Lebanon | #Information #Informative #Photography

I love design that takes advantage of stair edges as they are a fabulous canvas for colour and pattern. Case in point? A beautiful staircase makeover by Dihzahyners, a team of artists and designers "aimed at creating initiatives to make Beirut brig .

Tetris Stares. By Dihzahyners in Lebanon 1

shakeshack: “ Dihzahyners’ Tetris stairs in Beirut, Lebanon put a skip in our step. Visit ‘em when you take your next trip to the Beirut Shack.

Beautiful stairs  STREET ART UTOPIA » We declare the world as our canvas

By Dihzahyners Project - In Beirut, Lebanon, would love to have this on my own house stairs!

17 astounding staircases from all around the world. (The accompanying text is badly written, but the pictures are amazing.)

San Francisco’s Mosaic Staircase. Hidden art gem in San Francisco; head to and Moraga to discover The Avenue Tiled Steps. Not only will you be able to see some amazing views of the city, you'll get to appreciate a beautiful mosaic running up 163 steps.

The Cube, Birmingham, UK  by Make Architects

The Cube / Make Architects

The Cube, Make Architects, Birmingham, UK : Frame / UID Architects Architecture Gallery Yeh / Unsangdong Archite.

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Friday Finds: Stairmasters

Beautifully Painted Stairs From All Over The World----Beirut, Lebanon. In Beirut, Lebanon you can find these steps painted in a rainbow of colors that resemble piano keys. There’s almost a kind of rugged beauty about them.

Mar Mikhael Steps, Beirut, Lebanon

Art collective Dihzahyners painted this set of stairs in Beirut, Lebanon last June. The 73 steps took 7 hours to paint. For those in Beirut, you can check out the stairs located on Mark Mikhael street. - Artwork and Photography by DIHZAHYNERS


Love the dark wood stained floors! And what a beautiful railing! (The Front Foyer of my future home :), can you imagine it decorated at Christmas?

Paris stairs Treppen Stairs Escaleras repinned by www.smg-treppen.de #smgtreppen

Each year, during the La Scala Flower Festival, about potted plants and flowers of different shades and colors are arranged on the historic Staircase of Santa Maria del Monte to create one grand design.

Street art is gradually coming to be accepted as a legitimate and wonderful art form by more and more people, but that doesn’t mean that street artists can rest on their laurels – they continue exploring with new ways to exploit public surfaces and cover them in beautiful art. This post is all about street …

17 Of The Most Beautiful Steps Around The World

Stairs of Peace in Syria. Syrian students painted a fantastic pattern on the longest staircase in their town with some very vibrant colors. They hoped the display would produce joyful feelings in the locals who were undergoing hardships.

Szabo Ervin Library ~  Budapest ~ Hungary

Spiraling Out of Control: The Greatest Spiral Stairs in the World

.PSLAB have created custom lighting for the spiral staircase in a home in Beirut, Lebanon.

This design was a collaboration between PSLAB and architect Bernard Khoury, and was created for a house in Beirut, Lebanon. The design brings light to the staircase and continues the spiral upwards to the ceiling.

where is this???

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Steps To The Sea, Amalfi Coast, Italy. Reminds me of Zoagli, Italy - spent all of my summers growing up there. I miss the sea (and the stairs) there.