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Fantásticas fotos de perspectivas! Brilliants forced perspective photos!

Forced perspective photography is a clever technique that employs optical illusion to make an object appear farther away, closer, larger or smaller than it actually is.

Wonderful photos from different perspectives.

Funny pictures about Creative perspective photography. Oh, and cool pics about Creative perspective photography. Also, Creative perspective photography.

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25 Creative Forced Perspective Photos You Should Try To Copy

Funny pictures about Three beautiful forced perspective photos. Oh, and cool pics about Three beautiful forced perspective photos. Also, Three beautiful forced perspective photos.

Forced perspective photo

Click the link, maybe ideas for great final shot? Some way of connecting the two worlds? If we could synch up boy and cloud BG it could be cool!

Alya Chaglar è un'artista decisamente visionaria e simpatica, diventata celebre per una serie di divertentissime fotografie che sta postando sui social.

Most parents tell their kids not to play with their food, but for oil painter Alya Chaglar and her daughter, Stefani, playing with food is part of their daily fun.

fun with photography--forced perspective...haha love the T-Rex

This new group of forced perspective images explores the many ways creative cameramen (and camera-women) add a little “faux” to their photography.

Birds flying towards their future. No one controlls them, they just fly away. Moves around and decide their own destiny.

I am in love with this photo. I think that this was such a creative idea the way they made the illusion that there were millions of birds in the jar who are finally free. I think it was such a neat idea

13 brillantes fotografías de perspectiva forzada - Batanga

13 brillantes fotografías de perspectiva forzada

30 Incredible Forced Perspective Photography Examples That Will Surely Take Your Breaths Away


Photoshop at its best (particularly as I am not much a fan of Kristen Stewart!