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I wanna cry thinking that I won't be able to play soccer forever

We are all one injury away from never playing again. So, hope you enjoy and embrace every second you spend on that field because you never know when it will be your last! This is true.

*Golden Years starts playing in the distance*

I don't play soccer but this is funny. it's not soccer it's FOOTBALL actually it's fútbol

Opponents. | 24 Reasons Why Hockey Players Are Actually Big, Cuddly Sweethearts

24 Reasons Why Hockey Players Are Actually Big, Cuddly Sweethearts

I absolutely love this video! Two teams players watching their teammates beat the living crap out of each other xD<<<I think this is the most adorable thing ever

True love is like pissin in your pants...Everyone can see it but only you know how warm it truly is.

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seriously..check out that guy's face.

30 Pictures where the main focus is upstaged by other activity

What happened to real men? Photo:Buzzlamp Just look at this guy’s face! Its hilarious to see a grown man looking like a scared little girl. To be fair, that’s a 90 mph fastball coming his way. What kind of face would you be making?

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Jerome Simpson Front Flip Touchdown

ANIMATED: Jerome Simpson Flips Into The Endzone

Perfect timing

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take a dance class! Dance is a very important part of my life. I dance almost every day, and I am seriously grateful that I am able to. Dance as a workout is almost perfect.