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In this article, we discuss atheism. We see what is atheism, make note of some atheist beliefs and try to figure out why atheists don't believe in God.

It has often been pointed out that the Rosary is quite similar to these Eastern ways of prayer, and that the constant reiteration of these words can work a slow but deep transformation of our hearts.As Simon Tugwell wrote, “I do not think about my friend when he is there beside me; I am far too busy enjoying his presence. It is when he is absent that I will start to think about him. Thinking about God all too easily leads us to treat him as if he were absent. But he is not absent.”

Jurassic Park et la dernière Cène par Timothy Radcliffe, o.

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Scientist and Stem Cell Expert Says Don't Be So Quick to Believe Vaccines Are Safe - Aleteia


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Do you know how many times I’ve opened my Bible or a spiritual reading book only to momentarily be summoned back into family life? Then when I do manage to escape the external demands on my attenti…

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