Tiny apartment in Paris, (8sqm only! ) ~  It's pretty amazing to know what could be done with just 200 square feet but it's even more amazing to know that 200 square feet can be turned into a home.  The woman in the video above turned the tiny dirty apartment into a complete home and you can only believe it if you see it. Check out the video above if you haven't already.    Read more…

"You can discover in the video how we found a way to turn a tiny room sqm) in Paris into a really functional and easy to live apartment (maybe the tiniest one in town) which will be used by a au pair or the kids when they get older.

Klein wonen

Image 4 of 24 from gallery of Tiny Apartment In Paris / Kitoko Studio. Photograph by Fabienne Delafraye

Van klein kantoor naar compacte woonruimte   | roomed.nl

Tiny apartment in Madrid by Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos - the stair to the loft pulls out as a closet

Zo richt je een compact appartement efficiënt én stijlvol in

Tiny apartment with smart space solutions in Taiwan Going Vertical: Tiny 22 Sqm Apartment Maximizes Space in Style


Ingenious use of space turns tiny Paris room into functional apartment

Tiny kitchen small

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86 Square Foot Paris Apartment - Tiny Apartment Design - House Beautiful

Inside an 86-Square-Foot Apartment

Most bedrooms are larger than 86 square feet, but in one Paris building Kitoko Studios built a fully functional apartment in that tiny space. The apartment

Mimar Kyu Sung Woo tarafından New York’ta tasarlanan bu 64 metrekarelik loft stüdyo daire, daha önce dikdörtgen, yüksek tavanlı ve kullanışsız bir mekanmış.

Notice the two different levels of the loft. Higher over the bed so you can stand in the kitchen and lower over the closet space so you can stand in the loft.


Elle transforme un 8m2 délabré en un petit cocon astucieusement aménagé !

How This Woman Transformed Her 86 Square Foot Apartment Left Me Speechless - Trendzified

Library idea.

Two sided book case if we want to make the stair side books, leaving the other wall for the sofa. Bookcase at the office of the Dutch Architects of the Year in Concrete

Bed behind doors

Leben auf 25 Quadratmetern - diese Familie macht's vor

Bed behind doors