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Lucille Ball in "Roman Scandals", 1933.

Lucille Ball - wears a long blonde wig and a pair of high heels in a full-length promotional portrait for the film 'Roman Scandals', directed by Frank Tuttle. Photo via John Kobal Foundation/Getty Images.


I love Lucy

Lucille Ball ★ Gallery of Movie Star Pin Up Photos, WWII Vintage Pinup Girl Lucile Ball: Legendary Hollywood Entertainment Industry Icon and Comedic Actress Superstar; Copyright free pubic domain photographs, vintage pictures of this b

Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball starred in the very popular sitcom 'I Love Lucy' which ran from In Time Magazine listed the show in the top 100 shows of all time.

Lucille Ball - not who we usually think of as 'hero' - but think about it - she SHOWED us that a "silly female" could run a Hollywood studio and do it well - and women just didn't do that, back then. That's a role model and a hero!

I love Lucy! I love Lucy is a great TV sitcom and nobody does physical comedy quite as good as Lucille Ball.

Lucille Ball - Wild red. Look at those long legs!

Lucille Ball by George Hurrell vintage fashion red boudoir hostess gown 2 pc crop top skirt shoes color photo portrait movie star hollywood glam pin up girl looks War Era WWII evening long dress sexy

Husband and co-star Desi Arnaz licks Ball between takes of the famous Season Two episode "Job Switching," in which Ethel and Lucy get a job packaging candy on a conveyer belt.Share this on Facebook?

This is my absolute favorite episode! Desi licks the chocolate off Lucille’s face after she finished filming the classic chocolate factory scene.

‘’ I LOVE LUCY’’ I always wondered as a kid how did this apt look in color. This is the actual set saved in a museum

"I LOVE LUCY’’ I always wondered how this apartment looked in color. This is the actual set saved in a museum