Kate Moss

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels! Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!

Train Like an Athlete

Train like an athlete. Eat like a nutritionist. Sleep like a baby. Win like a champion! Now if I can just sleep like a baby!

Carrie Underwood's legs are phenomenal.  Think she works out? Uh... yup.  [The Calabasas Personal Trainer]  http://carterfitness.com

If I could have anyone's legs I'd want Carrie's. Carrie Underwood's leg workout- I found you finally!

A lot of people get working out and fitness confused. It is not a fad, it is a way of life. Make your life better    https://www.advocare.com/120724309/Store/ItemDetail.aspx?itemCode=99050=A=b

Fitness Quote ~ Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life. It is a way of life! There is no bikini season- good health is always in season!

Hence, the reason why I'm a dietitian and certified personal trainer. If only the world would come to realize it's that simple.

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To make everyone's jaw drop after not seeing me for a long time

i want to be TINY. Its all about the weight loss I can't wait for the day i walk in a room and feel confident, that i know the eyes are on me, but for a good reason a look in ahw. i want peoples.

I'd do three sets - good short workout, to fit in if its a tight for time type of day!

Half way to 30 days. Doubled sumo squats added 5 extra regular squats and I am doing a on plank. 30 day challenge- see what changes

Unless u puke faint or die...Keep goin!

i keep going even if i puke! so cross out puke. unless you faint or die keep going!

I agree. The Incensewoman

Skinny is not Sexy.Health is. Compared to a good of us (me included) the model above is “skinny”. She's muscular, has a body fat