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Backing a Quilt Idea #1 - Almost 4-Patch

The Quilting Queen Online: Tips, Tricks, and Tuts Tuesday - Quilt Backings


Backing a Quilt Idea Take the leftover fabrics from the quilt and cut them into strips to make a matching stripy section on the back. I really LOVE having a bit of extra on the back!

How to increase the size of a quilt back without adding borders: genius!

Making an Art Backing

I am often asked how a backing that is too small can be increase in size so that it would have sufficient allowance for it to be attached to the rollers on my quilting machine, and to be clamped, t…

How to Make Quilt Backing from Any Fabric: Quilt Backing Options for Your Next Project 02/26/15  JS

Learn How Easy it is to Make Quilt Backing

Learn how to make quilt backing from regular quilting cottons or wide backing fabrics, your choice.: Quilt Backing Options for Your Next Project