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Creative tie holders

Fun prop idea for display at a craft show. Could work for bracelets, or other small accessories

VM example of SCALE (oversized paint tubes) COLOR (the main color in each scarf is repeated in the paint tube color) REPETITION (same scarf displayed 4 times)  and SURPRISE (scarfs pouring out of the tubes instead of paint)

Hermés window display with paint tubes. (Autumn colors by Joann Tan Studio)…

Classic Cut. Redefining Design 2015. Visual Merchandising Arts, School of Fashion at Seneca College.

SENECA,Visual Merchandising Arts Exhibit, "Classic Cut", pinned by Ton van der Veer

Vitrine criativa.

House of Fraser Autumn Leaves windows by Millington Associates House of Fraser Autumn Leaves visual merchandising by Millington Associates.

Patagonia, retail design, interior design, styling, showroom, Amsterdam, visual merchandising #jackets

suspend rocky hoodies from the ceiling or key looks to drop down & float in middle of space.

sketch / draw your own backdrop (and props)

16 Inspirational Out-of-the-Box Backdrops

Love the graphic props in the editorial spread

Brigadeiro de Nutella - I COULD KILL FOR DESSERT - 1 LATA DE LEITE CONDENSADO - 25 gr de CHOCOLATE AMARGO 70% - 80 gr de CHOCOLATE AO LEITE 30% - 1 colher sopa de MANTEIGA SEM SAL - 1 colher sobremesa de GLUCOSE ou XAROPE DE MILHO (opcional) - 120 gr de NUTELLA - 1 pitata de SAL (o brigadeiro estará pronto quando virar a panela de lado e a massa desgrudar totalmente do fundo e sem grudar na borda.)

Brigadeiro de Nutella

Brigadeiro de Nutella do Brasil!

Scarpe da ballerina. Un modo originale e divertente per esporre le scarpe.

Repetto Dance Store (Paris) displays their shoes in a fun and innovative way that resonates with the target market. Great way to display shoes, jewelry or other accessories


Premios Top 10 del año 2011: conoce los mejores escaparates del Shopping Line de Barcelona


Vicky's Visual Merchandising Musings

Cosmetics on Ferris Wheel

A Receita de Massa de Coxinha que Derrete na Boca é fácil de fazer e fica simplesmente irresistível. O segredo dessa massa é a batata que é cozida junto co

Massa de Coxinha que Derrete na Boca

❤ comida e bebida? Veja as tendências desta semana em comida e bebida

Komsufirin 3

Padarias Conceito

Komsufirin 3

Anthropologie - Dec. 2012 - NYC via Beautiful Window Displays

Four Window Displays Tips from a former Anthropologie Visual Merchandiser -

Example of the use of Texture: Anthropologie window display

media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com 736x 14 d8 88 14d888f88359c90cc69ea0fea596fd4f.jpg

HERMES,Lisbon,Portugal, "Tropical fruits are cultivated mostly in countries with warm climates.the only character that they share in common is frost intolerance", pinned by Ton van der Veer Mais

ISETAN,Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, "Chloe: We love Drew", creative by Chameleon Visual,UK, pinned by Ton van der Veer

ISETAN,Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, "Chloe: We love Drew", creative by Chameleon Visual,UK, pinned by Ton van der Veer