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Bill Cipher Gravity Falls Sticker

‘Gravity Falls - Starbucks’ Travel Mug by king-zanziba

La clave para descubrir los misterios de Gravity Falls • Also buy this artwork on stickers, apparel, kids clothes y more.

La clave para descubrir los misterios de Gravity Falls • Also buy this artwork on stickers, apparel, kids clothes y more.

Robbie #sticker from Gravity Falls by artofzan

‘Robbie’ Sticker by artofzan

Gnomes - Gravity Falls Wiki - Wikia


Gnomes are tree-dwelling creatures of the Gravity Falls Forest.

Drink me!

Drink Me Coffee, Alice

The Magic Word by TheMysteryShack

‘The Magic Word’ Sticker by TheMysteryShack

Hate each other in secret by markmak on DeviantArt

Only true Gravity Falls fans will under this statement: they're hating each other silently, like what girls do.

Family love

Family love

It's times like this where people realise there's more to Mabel than just screwing around and rainbows and glitter. She cares about her brother and family. Mabel is the best sister

Oh My God!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  Help!!!

We'll mett again some sunny day/ gravity falls


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The day before summer by markmak on DeviantArt

Aw Stan was always a good guy 😊

I may be a deamon but I can still love...THIS PICTURE!!!

so im like doodling again // i didnt sleep today haha insomnia ; i got to draw some fluffy dipper mabel moments ; Dipper and Mabel - Gravity Falls

Finally done one Fight falls new comic! this plans to have 2 other part, but I'm still doing the storyboard.

Awkward sibling hug After beating up all the gnomes. Grunkle Stan : thank goodness there's no cops in the forest I decided to call the AU "Fight falls"!

Actually it's Stanly, but it's sad that they would've thought Stanley was dead and that he was Ford

Seriously, how did no one notice that 'Stanford' was suddenly acting exactly like Stanley?

awwwww, soos is the kindest character on the whole show

If you read the journal 3 copy, the infinity pizza only works with soos. It only regenerates when soos eats it or touches it. So this is incorrect. Sorry for being a jerk, but I'm just saying.