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Rivaille (Levi). I have no idea what the circumstances were, but this is amazing.

Really intense picture of Levi wearing a pot for no reason. *dont' kill me* Attack on Titan

I just watched "A Choice with No Regrets" part two today, and it's so amazing yet so sad but it was really cool seeing more of Levi's backstory :)

[Shingeki No Kyojin] Levi Ackerman - A Choice with No Regrets Part 2

EreRi Week Day 3: Cuddling by YummySuika on DeviantArt

EreRi Week Day Cuddling by YummySuika on DeviantArt<<<awww omg

Mike ships it

Mike be like 'like hell you can actually blush levi' Levi, Hanji, Mike <----- Not sure if I ship it but I am dying XDDD

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Attack on Titan ~~ The sexy little grunt when he's waking up is spot on. So sweet! :: Jean and Marco. Imma cry now.

"Not blood of my enemies" XD

Attack on Titan ~~ "It was supposed to be apple" :: Sidenote: Where I live "bath salts" are illegal drugs with imitation marijuana in them.

He doesn't look like a psychopath when it's close up on his eyes. He looks like an adorable guy!

The Face of My Nightmares

Eren Jaeger - Attack on Titan - Shingeki no Kyojin XD