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Household Objects Overgrown With Sprouted Wooden Limbs by Camille Kachani

Humorous sculptures and furniture by Camille Kachani

Developing nerve cells...I just cannot get over the marvel of the making of our bodies...

Developing nerve cells Torsten Wittmann, University of California, San Francisco These developing mouse nerve cells have a nucleus (yellow).

The cancer cell's pink mitochondria and gold endoplasmic reticulum--a network of vesicles and sacs--swirl around a dark nucleus. The rendering was awarded an honorable mention in the illustration category of the 2008 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.     Donald Bliss and Sriram Subramaniam of the National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine created the image by "sandblasting" the cell with ions of the element gallium.

A melanoma cell viewed with imaging with Ion-Abrasion SEM. Credit : Donald Bliss and Sriram Subramaniam, National Library of Medicine, NIH

Keisuke Tanaka carves miniature landscape into wood

Keisuke Tanaka carves miniature landscape into wood