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Baltimore Orioles have a sweet tooth for fruit like oranges. - by Dave LaDore

Here's What to Feed Your Summer Bird Feeder Visitors

Orange Oriole & Orange, Shrewsbury, Ontario, Canada by Dave Ladore

Birds perch on a branch during a spring snowstorm in Pembroke, N.Y., Monday, April 23, 2012. A spring nor'easter packing soaking rain and high winds churned up the Northeast Monday morning, unleashing a burst of winter and up to a foot of snow in higher elevations inland, closing some schools and sparking concerns of power outages. (AP Photo/David Duprey)

Birds perch on a branch during a spring snowstorm in Pembroke, N., Monday, April (AP Photo/David Duprey (WOW how doesn't that branch break?

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Bird photography is one of the best popular part of nature photography.Of course the birds you see below don't live in most of your backyards and it is really

Summer is all about love, care for others, living together and long long chit chat.. summer welcomes birds from different areas and after lo...

Oriole Feeder does triple duty! The first Oriole Feeder ever to accommodate nectar, one-half orange and four places for jelly. It has been known for years, that the color orange attracted Orioles.

Don't forget to put out oranges for the orioles!  And I am finding out the woodpeckers like them too.

Using a suet feeder as a simple fruit feeder to attract Orioles and other fruit loving birds. This is a great idea.

Rainbow Finch Bird Feeder. This is what my finch feeder looks like...loaded with finches!!!

Rainbow Finch Feeder

Get more goldfinches to your place and keep these sweet birds year-round! Thistle feeder boasts 18 feeder ports and so cool when all perches are occupied with bird's bright yellow summer plumage. This

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Gray-chinned Minivet - Pixdaus

Gray-chinned Minivet, taken at DaSyueShan, Taichung County, TAIWAN, photo by John&Fish