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When making a list of top Spanish songs, it becomes very difficult to include every great song that deserves to be on it. However, we've collected the Top 10 best Latin songs of all time!

EROS ET VANITES: CARMEN AMAYA Carmen Amaya 1913-1963. Born in the slums of Barcelona. In 1929, she made her debut in Paris.  She was invited to dance, to the White House, on two occasions.

Carmen Amaya - Carmen Amaya was a flamenco dancer and singer, of Romani origin, born in the Somorrostro slum of Barcelona, Spain, Vila Olímpica nowadays. She has been called "the greatest Spanish gypsy dancer of her generation

For the last few years, international dances have become increasingly popular among the music and dance studios in Xiamen. There are numerous dances from outside ...329 x 47925.7KBwww.whatsonxiamen.com

Flamenco dance is the national dance and essence of Spain. As one of the most influential cultural dance forms, it is a dance combined with gypsy culture as well as Andalusia’s folk culture in Spain.

Paco de Lucía captured by his widow, Gabriela Causeco

Paco de Lucía’s last copla

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Such a elegant photo a flamenco dancer sitting with a opened spanish fan. Love the colors & textures in the pic.


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María Pagés, is one of Spain’s leading flamenco dancers, famous for her long, expressive arms and her warm, charismatic stage presence. She performed with Riverdance--fabulous!

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Ŧhe ₵oincidental Ðandy: Flamenco: The Pride & Passion of Spain

The A to Z's of Flamenco Dance: A is for Attitude | DanceUs.org

The A to Z's of Flamenco Dance: A is for Attitude | DanceUs.org