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Funny Wildlife, funnywildlife: Wtf with this rain!! Amazing... http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pour-la-protection-des-animaux-et-de-la-nature/120423378016370

Funny pictures about Umbrella Frog. Oh, and cool pics about Umbrella Frog. Also, Umbrella Frog photos.

Kids who are too good for this world.cute kids First picture, with the kid sleeping in the basket. it melted my heart in half

Have you ever seen an albino moose before?

CRAZY NH Winter turns Moose ALL White!

Snow Moose: is this not the best looking creature you have even seen? Maine and a snow moose solid white

A baby hippopotamus that survived the tsunami waves on the Kenyan coast formed a strong bond with a giant male century-old tortoise in an animal facility in the port city of Mombassa

Thought this belonged on

Clearly the hippo has immersed itself in turtle culture. A hippo raised by turtles is acceptable. Baby hippo and 130 year old tortoise become best friends…

Let me think...

funnywildlife: “ The Gorilla, The Thinker to see these guys wild in their element at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest with Premier Safaris ”

Tonkin snub-nosed monkeys in a tree

Looking for Tonkin snub-nosed monkey photos? View all of Arkive's Tonkin snub-nosed monkey photos - Rhinopithecus avunculus

One of the most endangered primates in the world, the Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey of Northern Vietnam is one of the most stunning and unique monkeys, and this week's featured primate!  Picture Juvenile Tonkin Snub-Nosed monkey, Photo courtesy of ARKive.org, Dong Thanh Hai  http://www.neprimateconservancy.org/kaitlyn-elizabeth-foley---2010/tonkin-snub-nosed-monkey

Juvenile Tonkin snub-nosed monkey - View amazing Tonkin snub-nosed monkey photos - Rhinopithecus avunculus - on Arkive