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Green Smoothie for Beginners ~vegan~ A no-fail recipe!

Green smoothie for beginners

okay, tasted good, nothing of the greens but I would like to add some berries or something to give it an oumpfh. or more peanut butter.

Sneak Your Greens Into This Chocolate Superfood Smoothie: Chocolate and spinach may not seem compatible, but this sweet blend proves that they're a match made in smoothie heaven.

Chocolate Spinach Smoothie

POPSUGAR Fitness Chocolate Spinach Smoothie INGREDIENTS 1 frozen banana, chopped into pieces 1 cup spinach cup nonfat yogurt 1 cup chocolate almond milk Pinch of cinnamon, optional 212 cal protein carbohydrates sugars fat

Try This Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe For Beginners - Incredible Smoothies

Are you new to green smoothies? Are you hesitant to put spinach in your blender? I remember the first time I watched my smoothie turn bright green as it was whirling away in my blender. I was convinced that it would taste like liquid spinach. In fact, it

Molho de iogurte para salada | Receitas Gshow

Molho de iogurte para salada

Raita - a yogurt based dip that is quite similar to the Greek tzatziki. It is great as a dip. It is also great to pour some on some of the spicier Indian dishes to ‘tone’ the spice level.

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Smoothie de kale, plátano y crema de cacahuate - Pizca de Sabor

  • 1 plátano maduro
  • 1 cucharada crema de cacahuate
  • 1 botecito de yogurt natural
  • 1 ½ taza kale, lavada
  • ½ taza leche de almendra o tu leche favorita
  • 3-4 hielos
  • Azúcar al gusto o un sobrecito de stevia
Delicioso y saludable smoothie de kale, plátano y crema de cacahuate, ideal para el desayuno o media tarde.

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