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Cetonidae: Dicronorhina Micans

Mike Libby (b creator of INSECT LAB, is a multi-disciplinary artist who makes sculptures, models, collages and drawings using diverse materials, detailed craftsmanship and conceptual curiosity.

Insects and Old Wristwatches Make a Beautiful Couple  by Diana Eid

Insects and Old Wristwatches Make Beautiful Art Together

a-faerietale-of-inspiration: mike libby . mechanical wonders mike libby combines insects & antique watch pieces they become mechanical wonders by "a unique celebration of the contradictions and confluences between nature and technology"

Стимпанк - украшения с налётом древности / бижутерия стимпанк

Mike Libby creates awesome Steampunk insects using old watch mechanisms and dead, intact insects

'Insect Lab' by Mike Libby  ...he combines genuine insects and mechanical or electronical components, in order to create cybernetic sculptures —

Mike Libby dissects beautiful insect and arachnid specimens and replaces their innards with watch parts. Scorpions, beetles, spiders and butterflies are among the creepy-crawly creatures that have gotten the steampunk treatment for his series, Insect Lab

Found object art!  litterbugs by Mark Oliver

Found Object Insect Sculptures by Mark OliverBug Busters USA, Inc.The Litter Bug Series, Found Object Insect Sculptures by Mark Oliver

Der Bienenfresser ist einer der farbenprächtigsten Vögel Europas.

A European bee-eater, captured a moment before swallowing its catch. Photography by Markus Varesvuo

maurizio anzeri

Most certainly bizarre but at the same engaging, Maurizio Anzeri combines mediums that individually conjure up memories of my youth.