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Grasses, sedum and coreopsis
Ornamental grass and flower garden idea. …
Revsuga som kantväxt – www.gardenflow.se
Melinus nerviglumis Ruby Grass  This clumping, blue-green foliaged grass has amethyst-pink flowers that create fluffy, 8- to 12-inch-long plumes throughout the summer. Eventually, the flowers mature to the color of root beer foam. It is heat and drought tolerant, and it makes a fine annual in colder climates. Excellent drainage will help it thrive in humid summer climates. Not invasive from seed,
Sue Townsend Arts and Craft Gardens lIllustrated
Shade Garden Plants ~ Astilbes, Hostas, Fuchsias  Creeping Jenny
Three Dogs in a Garden: A Garden Over Twenty Years in the Making (Part 1)  The colors, textures and placements of plants are spectacular.
Moss garden // Great Gardens & Ideas // Gardeners are using it all kinds of different decorative ways this year, it is everywhere! Note from Michele: Now this is more like it. We have tons of this smooth river rock here and building it up like this on the patio would give a very nice background for moss and ferns.
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