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¿Qué tipo de diseñador eres?


¿Qué tipo de diseñador eres?

Artist Dmitry Narozhny's illustration series takes a look at stereotypical creative characters.

Can you spot yourself in these designer stereotypes?

Illustrations for "Devexperts" company's calendar by Dmitry Narozhny

Are your walls filled with pop culture posters or neatly framed art pieces?

I “tipi da scrivania” di Dmitry Narozhny | PICAME

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¿Qué tipo de diseñador eres?

¿Qué tipo de diseñador eres?

Spot Yourself In These Cheeky Illustrations Of Familiar Designer Stereotypes…

pascal campion

pascalcampion: “Caption that! I had an idea. wasn’t sure how to get across.I’m actually curious to figure out what you guys would caption this one as… ”