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Things Mormons Would Only Find in Utah

From hilarious and real signs posted in restaurant parking lots to motorcycle jackets featuring the Angel Moroni, check out these great pictures of things Latter-day Saints could really only find in Utah!

Codex Seraphinianus Rainbow Helicopter

Codex Seraphinianus, Bizarre And Beautiful Art From An Alien World

Written in a thus-far undeciphered alphabetic writing, the Codex Seraphinianus, by the Italian artist Luigi Serafini, appears to be a visual encyclopedia of an unknown world.

Video: Hilarious Moments from General Conference

Video: Hilarious Moments from General Conference

President Monson, Lds Missionaries, General Conference, Lds Quotes, Watch The Video, Funny Moments, Air Force Ones, Object Lessons, On Back

LDS Humor Funny Mormon Meme Youth  (9)

29 More Mormon Memes to Make You Smile

“Been waiting to check out Dripp. The mood here is too cool. @sacredbred @josiahjohn @norona45 #dripp #coffee #design”

I am a fan of typography, especially modern style compositions heavily inspired by the International Style or Swiss style however as an admirer of all things type I have some infatuation with script fonts with ligatures.

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to TV shows. While some people prefer reality shows and others prefer a fictional drama, TV shows are as various as viewers' opinions. Here are ten shows that feature members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as their main attraction.

9 TV Shows That Starred Mormons

Check out this list of 25 Mormon memes and videos that are sure to bring a little laughter into your day.