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This totally happens to me when I've been reading too long at one time......

Funny pictures about Reading a book. Oh, and cool pics about Reading a book. Also, Reading a book.

Hahahaha it's so true... But then like a few seconds after my serious face... I start dying laughing again!

I only have to spend all my stock of laughs.

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Cereal Guy Meme... I'm crying lol

I did When I was eating rice suddenly I sneezed I was sick back then then on of the rice sticked in my nose and I was sneezing all over and over until I came to get it out lol That really happened

Christmas :D

Ah, the life of no sleep.almost makes you wish something serious enough would happen to you so you could just stay in bed for a week, but not serious enough to seriously effect you in some bad way :P *Sigh* this is my life./// What is sleep?

Le Giving Blood - View more rage comics at http://leragecomics.com

Le Giving Blood - View more rage comics at http://leragecomics.com

haha :)

Le me running late for school.this happened to me one and It's a crazy feeling…

I actually have a okay signature. But with schools not teaching cursive anymore, it hasnt really been the greatest signature.

Develop a nice consistent signature: Haha! This is SO me! My name isn't John, but you know what I mean :) I wish I had those other signatures!