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Villa Las Estrellas

Discover Villa Las Estrellas in Base Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva, Antarctica: One of only two civilian settlements in the desolate lands of chilly Antarctica.


❄Winter❄ (Sunrise in Iceland, Olgeir Andrésson)

Diagnosing global warming leaves us transfixed like rabbits in the headlights: the point now is to act, argue a clutch of new books

A new politics of climate change could save the world

DECEPTION ISLAND, Antarctica | Earth's past, present and future come together here on the northern peninsula of Antarctica, the wildest, most desolate and mysterious of its continents.

Antarctica: Clues from the mystery continent


Polar Bear Mother and Cubs by Michelle Valberg

"Awkward Light" by Ken Watkins ...awesome polar bear pic!

waasabi: “ Awkward Light by Ken Watkins ”

Bounce Inc Tingalpa

Bounce Inc Tingalpa

Snowy Courtyard - Garden

I have always wanted to hang a wall of travel photographs, my own departure lounge. A reminder of where I have been and the destinations on my wish list.

The Truth About Redheads

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Redheads

All the science reasons redheads do that redhead thing they redhead do so well


One graphic shows exactly who is responsible for climate change

A single industry is responsible for of greenhouse-gas emissions.

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Polar bear

Polar bear

✯ Glen Canyon Dam - Arizona

Glen Canyon Dam - Arizona, my father helped build this Dam. He had to quit after 8 months when he got cement poisoning.

Северный полюс движется: чем это грозит миру http://ift.tt/2mgsiIp

Antarctica: Mystery continent holds key to mankind's future

checking things out

checking things out


Here's a fantastic photo from Antarctica by Stefan Christmann, showing a colony of Emperor penguins and their chicks under the light of the aurora australis, sparked into high-gear by recent flare activity from the Sun.