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So I went a little out of order on things because of the Montreal post (didn't want to include random photos outside of our trip) so I'm goi.

The Southern Bostonian: London Adventures, Part 3

I'm almost caught up on sleep and back into my normal routine.I'll definitely be hitting the gym come Monday - maybe I ate a little too w.

Besties :)

This new job is awesome but definitely puts my life right back into the fast lane!

Seesters :-D <3

This is exactly what happens if you're a New Englander and you haven't seen above freezing temps in ages and it's FINALLY 44 degrees.

The Southern Bostonian: Wedding Bells and Country Swells

I can't even begin to describe the awesomeness that has occurred in my life these past couple of weeks. I've had sooooooooooooo m.