color, from what i saw in the movie. It was dark in the white

X Wheel of Fortune (reversed): Struggle against life as we only see the problems directly in front of us. If we could just take a step back and see the entire wheel of life, that perspective brings calm.

These large scale oil paintings are the work of American artist, and newly graduated MFA student, Russ Noto

Several oil paintings on canvas from 2010 - 2012 by Scranton, Pennsylvania born artist Russ Noto. 1 - Oil on Canvas by Rus

Suffering.... Ashley made me feel like this yesterday... it was nice

You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering - Ernest Hemingway quote

coffee and sugar on black and white - photography inside the café. I'll try to remake this!

Examples-of-Abstract-Photography3.jpg 600×799 pixels

40 Inventive Examples of Abstract Photography

If you look at the Abstract macro photography examples, it does not represent the subject in literal way and communicates more through colors and form of curves other than the image detail.

Chess  piece casting shadow

Shadow Photography black and white - wonderful style by Victoria Ivanova still life Soul of the mustang - Horse / Chess

spiegel für die gesichtslosen?

Playing with mirrors…

Stunningly powerful image. Google translate from the original Arabic: In Syria when the journalist proud man, when he choked in front of the camera and can not crumble when shooting and all the differences of humanity force him to tears.

The hardest thing for those of us who love animals is to see them suffering. This is a tribute to those wonderful people who work for the animals, who film and photograph the unimaginable. I have great admiration for you!

this will never change.....and I am NOT afraid to walk alone.

We can't always see where the road leads but God promises there's something better up ahead we just have trust him.