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Moonlight Mesa Blanket


Pendleton Moonlight Mesa Blanket Made in Oregon

Four Winds Pendleton blanket  #textile

A pendleton blanket for the living room couch!

Pendleton: Brave Star Blanket. Love so so much

Collectible Brave Star Pendleton Blanket with unique flag design celebrating the patriotism and sacrifices of Native American soldiers

CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK BLANKET. Pendleton has a collection of blankets with a design to honor each national park. Really cool!

crater lake national park pendleton blanket (quilt for O inspiration?

pendleton marble blanket

I'm always in search of unique blankets; for whatever reason they are always out of my budget :( darn you, Pendleton Pink Marble Blanket!

In 1933 a white buffalo was born in the wild on Montana’s Flathead Indian Reservation & named “Big Medicine” to reflect his sacred power. Native Americans consider the return of the White Buffalo the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy & beginning of a new era for the peoples & Mother Earth. 7 bison represent 7 directions: N-S-E-W, Above, Below & Within. Together they symbolize wholeness for mankind & the earth. Within the circle of life are 4 hands representing the 4 races & a new beginning.

Big medicine blanket

Big Medicine Blanket (Wool) by Pendleton Woolen Mills

Pomo Dau Blanket - To the Pomo, a basket is no mere object. It can be a tool, an honor, a gift, an industry or an art. It comes to you in a dream and stays with you in death, a thing with a spirit and a story all its own. And in every basket the weaver leaves a small break in the pattern, anything from a single stitch to a new design. This is the Dau, the "door" through which a basket’s spirit is allowed to pass, to inspect completed baskets and fill them with energy.

Pomo Dau Blanket in every basket the weaver leaves a small break in the pattern, this is the Dau (door) where a baskets spirit passes thru to inspect completed baskets and fill them with energy

Pendleton Woolen Mills: BANDED ARROW BLANKET

Banded Arrow Blanket: Nothing says "Love" like a pendleton blanket. Bonus points for an Oregon business!

Pendleton Pillow

Pendleton pillows -I want these!

BEAM - cozy for cold winter nights in front of the fire place

Pendleton Boys' Chief Joseph Muchacho Wool Crib Blanket I.

Native Americana Blankets

Who knew Chihuly had a Pendleton blanket collection? I love old camp blankets.

Pendleton Towels! Large and Lovely.

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Storm Pattern Blanket In Grey

Navajo blanket,  Pendleton wool, summer picnic, camp blanket, dorm decor, natures colors of the earth 63 x 45. $175.00, via Etsy.

Navajo blanket Pendleton wool summer picnic luxury by UrbanCamp,

TAMIAMI TRAIL BLANKET - Pendleton-usa.com. For lower level bedroom with blue headboard. See me for installation details.

Tamiami trail blanket

Pendleton is famous for quality wool blankets made in USA. Shop Southwestern blankets & geometric pattern blankets now.

Celebrate the Horse Pendleton Blanket

Celebrate the Horse Pendleton Blanket

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