Henry Roth - Strapless A-Line Gown in Lace

Kleinfeld Bridal Gowns: Henry Roth A-Line Wedding Dress with Strapless Neckline and Natural Waist Waistline

Tulle bridesmaids tea dress. My wedding dress was very similar to this; tulle and the top half part of the dress are almost identical to mine, minus the jewels.

Gorgeous blush bridesmaid dress with a sparkle belt for extra added glitz! I love this dress because it isn't "bridesmaid-ey" and can definitely be worn again!

*NSYNC Maid of Honor Speech-THIS IS AMAZING! This better be Felicia and Michelle

"*NSYNC Maid of Honor Speech." Like this maid of honor, I also have no objections to making a fool of myself by admitting I love this. I would absolutely die if one of my future bridesmaids did something like this for me.